"Jesus talked to me" | Another Amazing Story | IGNITE [MassImpact.us]

Paul is a young, single father who tragically lost his 3 year old son, Thomas, just a couple years ago. As parents you never really "get over" such a loss. It breaks you. Deepens you. Opens you up to a horizon of heaven while yet on this earth... yearning for connection. 

Last week Paul was given this gift. He shared a powerful story about something his son Gavin experienced at IGNITE. 

When adoration began, eight-year old Gavin was tired and bored. He fell asleep while sitting in his aunt's lap and remained sleeping through the entire event. Sleep did not keep God from reaching young Gavin personally through His Eucharistic Presence. 

On their way home, Gavin’s aunt asked him if he liked his nap. Gavin's reply: “Jesus talked to me. Jesus was in my head.” 

Gavin went on to say that Thomas was there too, and that he was in heaven. Gavin described walking over a bridge and seeing two rainbows, and all the balloons they had sent up to heaven for Thomas. He was so excited to tell his family that Jesus had talked to him in his mind. 

 "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people... the young will see visions...." (Acts. 2:17) 

IGNITE was beyond capacity. Burning Bushes are being built across the diocese. Not about a brand. Not about a program. Not about a kind of music. Not about emotion. Not about us. Encountering Jesus Christ. He is the center. Awakening us (Eph. 5:14). Pastors and teams are saying "yes" to more than a moment. A movement.

This is a historic moment.
Ignite. Shine.