Live IT (LIT) Family Candle

We pray that the Holy Spirit flow beyond church buildings, beyond a moment... into a movement with the power to transform and shape individuals, marriages, families... the world.

We all have competing demands. As a family, put your flag in the sand for Jesus Christ. Schedule weekly time to talk and pray in your home using the Live IT Gathering Guide

Light IT up! When you gather, light your candle. And monthly, bring it to your IGNITE... illuminating Jesus Christ with the multitude of others. 


$10.00 plus S&H
(Also helps fund the weekly Live IT Gathering Guide / Video) 

Please consider partnering with us. We need you.

Your DONATION will further help us advance this mission. 

- FREE Parish building support, events and resources (8 regions)
- FREE weekly Live IT Guide and Video (reaching globally on CatholicTV)
- FREE IGNITE and Monthly Catholic Family Gathering events
- FREE IGNITE Radio [Prime Time Tuesday Nights | 7pm]
- FREE multimedia such as "Transformational Stories"

“O most Holy Spirit, come and ignite the great Fire of your Love, set it ablaze in our minds and hearts.” JOIN THE PRAYER ]