More than a moment, a movement.
WHAT: Powerful encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist involving witness, word and worship that engages the unchurched/dechurched, and recharges the churched. A monthly basis for communities to become communities of missionary disciples and ignite the planet. Including Presence for Christmas.

REACHIn 2015 there were over 100 events at 25 different parish locations, over 20,000 encounters with Jesus Christ.

COST: $1000/IGNITE ($50,000/year) Average cost involving event teams, organization, promotion, support and web/social-media platforming.

CoreMission Parish Program (LINK)
WHAT: Extensive, 6-8 month growth cycle for a pastor and his team to lead parish in becoming "that" kind of parish in 3-5 years.

REACH: Three beta parishes participated involving nearly 100 on CoreMission leadership teams.

COST: $8,000/parish Donations help parishes (Demand-based goal: $100,000)

Live IT Episode + Gathering Guide (LINK)
WHAT: A weekly video episode and gathering guide to help families talk and pray, based upon subsequent-Sunday readings.

REACH:  Live IT is currently airing on CatholicTV to a prospective audience of 5-6 million, embedded in parish websites, played before IGNITE events and participated by many individually.

COST: $3000/week ($156,000/year) Cost of HD video production, plus gathering guide development and web/social-media platforming.

IGNITE Radio Live (LINK)
WHAT: A weekly radio program showcasing the Holy Spirit alive in this "moment to movement" adventure.

REACH:  IGNITE Radio Live! is broadcast over the four stations of Annunciation Radio, spanning 19 counties, on Tuesdays, 8pm and again on Saturdays at 1pm.

COST: $500/week ($26,000/year) Cost of pre-production, planning, promotion and all web/social media platforming.

ANNUAL VALUE: $322,000
OUR COST: $146,284