Our Ultimate Drama: This Week's Live IT Gathering


There's no MOVEMENT unless we MOVE. Beyond the Christian hot-tub. Beyond the comfy places where it's easy. Beyond a fleeting moment and into our lives with the power to transform the planet.

The big question: How truly different are you as a result of that "powerful" Christian event last year? What lasting commitments did it MOVE you to make? How different is your marriage, family, parish and world?

What you profess declares what you think.
Your calendar proclaims what you really believe.

Think about it: How much time did you spend in the last month watching TV, or on your gadget? Compare with how much time you spent talking and praying as a family.

Consider: If your child's coach called right now for a commitment even tonight, would it not go on your calendar? Would you not re-arrange your life to make it happen?

God wants to give us the Gift. He wants us to more fully encounter Him alive in our relationships.
Are we receiving?
This week put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ.

This week schedule just 60 minutes to talk and pray as a family. Check out the FREE, downloadable, new-every-week Live IT Gathering Guide. Begin with just 10 minutes as a family: gather to do the simple, one-page, eye-opening Live IT Inventory. And if you want to really receive the Gift, discover God alive in your relationships, commit to the Live IT Challenge

Here's how the movement spreads. When you gather, light your Live IT Candle. Once a month bring it to an IGNITE event. United with a multitude of others, your candle will illuminate our Eucharistic Lord on the Burning Bush-- very powerful image of  Holy Community lived proclaiming a Holy Communion received!

With all else that's going on in the world, this is a God-given playbook of our ultimate adventure.

Receive the Gift!  We Image the Trinity. Live IT.