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"Evicting the Enemy at the Gates:
Porn in Church"


"Evicting the Enemy at the Gates: Porn in the Church exhorts us to act against the enemy and not merely cluck in disapproval. This article drives home porn’s seductive ability to enter even good marriages and twist God’s great gift of sexuality. It is unsparing in its condemnation of evil but creative in its practical offer of God’s mercy. The illustrations are gripping, the admonition haunting and tough. Catholic men and women, married and unmarried will be awakened to the enemy in our midst."

Al Kresta

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"This booklet is an incredible gift for youth and their families in a time where pornography is killing our society."

Justin Fatica
International Author and Speaker
Featured on EWTN show You're Amazing

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"Greg Schlueter points eloquently to the hidden but true spiritual battle surrounding the rampant pornography problem of our time. Stopping the enemy at the gate of the home is an essential first step in parental formation of their children chastity."

Bishop Thomas Olmsted
Diocese of Phoenix 

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"In this short booklet Greg Schlueter has given us a much needed call to arms in the battle against porn. He’s identified the enemy, exposed his strategy, and has provided the kind of spiritual encouragement and tested practical wisdom that, if followed, will bring about genuine change. For anyone battling against this plague spreading through our Church and society, this booklet will bring you hope and help lead you to the full freedom Jesus has won for you.

Peter Herbeck
Renewal Ministries

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"I recommend this as a faith-filled and effective response to the epidemic of pornography we are experiencing both in the culture and in the Church."

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Byrnes
Archdiocese of Detroit

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"There's no question, first as a man trying to live in this modern, hyper-sexualized culture, and as a confessor who gets privileged glimpses into the battles of Everyman and Everywoman, that pornography is ubiquitous. Greg and Stephanie tread the fine line of being very direct yet very pastoral in looking what's at stake (not just for eternity but now), and how to gain the victory through the power of Jesus and His grace."

Fr. John Riccardo

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"Greg Schlueter goes right to the heart of a serious problem facing the Church in this age of electronic media. Pornography is easily accessible and many of us display little, if any, to urgency to confront this menace before it destroys any more lives and families. Greg sounds a clear call to the Church and men and women of faith to rally together, with the help of grace, to protect ourselves and our families some this insidious enemy."

Mark Berchem
Founder and President of NET Ministries

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“It is said that the number one addiction in America is Sexual Addiction and that it begins statically in the sixth grade! We need to save people from this slavery. I encourage everyone to read this booklet and gain the strength you need to live a life of sexual integrity and freedom!”

Fr. Larry Richards
Reason for Our Hope Foundation

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“This booklet is a valuable resource to help fight the pandemic spiritual warfare that is plaguing our culture, including many Christian families. I highly encourage you to read and share this with your parish.”

Tom PetersonTV Host, Author, National Speaker
Founder of Catholics Come Home and VirtueMedia Pro-life

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“The hell porn offers is imminent and eternal, the danger is shocking and perilously close. Greg Schlueter's brief expos√© on Porn and the Catholic of any age is a must-read; he offers the cold facts and the armor we need for ourselves and our families.”

Father Robert Reed
President, The CatholicTV Network

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"Evicting the Enemy at the Gate shines a great light of truth and hope upon the darkness and deception of pornography. May all of us earnestly embrace this light and urgently share its saving message with everyone beginning in our own homes and churches."

Jim & Joy Pinto

Co-Hosts of EWTN’s @Home with Jim and Joy